God has worked amazing miracles in my life. We human beings are good at forgetting the blessings and our complaints are more. God is ever faithful to us even though we think of HIM only during our difficult times. I want to glorify HIS name through my testimonies, though I too have forgotten many of HIS blessings and have grumbled in my life. Forgive me Lord and remind me of your goodness all the time.

Recent Testimonies:
August 2015

          This is funny. People who read this testimony might feel it silly. But for me, it was a reminder from God that HE is still my Father and HE cares for all my needs, HE will satisfy me, provide for me and is always near me. 

           I had a mechanical failure in my 4-wheeler and took it to a mechanic. He quoted me an exorbitant amount to fix the issue. I told him, I will think about it and come back later. In the meanwhile, I tried going online to read on about the issue, referring online tutorials and videos to repair it myself. I was overwhelmed by the complexity of the task. The reason why I'm not going into specifics of what the mechanical issue was or what each mechanic quoted me, is because one, I feel its irrelevant to my testimony and the other is because, people would come with their own intelligent explanation, ideas, tips, insults, which I would like to avoid.
Ok, the online tutorials only gave me a fair idea that repairing the vehicle is not my cup of tea. So I took it to an auto parts dealer which confirmed the issue and referred me to another auto repair shop. The first impression the shop gave me was of some hungry wolves, who were trying their best to sell me various parts, giving me a huge list of repair jobs, which I can not afford to pay and are unnecessary. They convinced me that, inspite of replacing the part that was causing the issue, it would still not work, if I don't change the other part connected to it. So now, instead of replacing one part, I had to change two. What this mechanic shop quoted me were different and definitely more than the cost listed online by the auto parts dealer. The mechanic wouldn't allow me to buy the part on my own, saying he wouldn't give me guarantee for the part.
            Anyways, I agreed, they provide the parts and the labor. Requested for some discount, they wouldn't saying they are already giving me the best price.
But in my heart I kept praying for the mechanic shops business, their customers and asked God to bless them. Paid and went home, thanking God for fixing my car. Then I get a call from the mechanic the next day. I thought, I must've forgotten something in the shop, or they goofed up something.
They tell me, that the credit card swipe did not go through and hence I would have to visit their shop once more. They are willing to give me a discount for the trouble. The discount was a good sum of money. And whatever additional money they tried to make, they refunded me. I couldn't thank God enough. God did not let me lose my money, HE touched their hearts and I believe HE has blessed their business & their employees. :)

Past Testimonies (recent ones first):

Cyst dissolved (2012)

            It started with a severe back pain few months back and I went to an orthopedic to get a cure. He asked me to run couple of tests like X-ray, MRI scan and blood tests. I added two more tests to it, as I was gaining weight, to check if my liver, kidneys & my ovaries are functioning fine. So I did a Thyroid test and an abdomen & pelvis USG. 
So when the sonogram report came, it revealed that there was a cyst in the right ovary, in medical terms its called an Endometriotic cyst. 
            I was diagnosed with the same condition 6 years back. That time the cyst had grown to 11 cm. One night, while I kicked a football, the cyst got twisted because of which I had terrible pain, vomiting, sweating of palms & feet, was shivering and couldn't sleep the whole night. Went to a General Physician and he thought it to be food poisoning, gave me pills and asked me to do a sonogram to check if there is any abdomen ulcer. Thank God he prescribed a sonogram and did not just stop with medication. It was during the sonogram, the radiologist found the cyst. She asked me to call my husband immediately, she wanted to talk to him. She explained to him, if its not removed it might burst and cause infection or it might have some cancerous cells. My husband was little petrified. We met a Gynecologist and she asked us to go for surgery at the earliest. 
           I have heard stories of miracles happening at many places and I knew of few ministers, priests who were in healing ministry. So, I with my husband went to few such anointed ministers for a healing. After which I went for another sonogram to see if it dissolved. But it was still there. I was pretty upset. Assumed that God didn't care about me and HE didn't wanted me to be healed. Probably I had to suffer. I did not lose faith still. My Gynecologist had told me she might have to remove the right ovary. She did an open surgery, removed just the cyst and saved my ovary. I was praying throughout the surgery for the ovary not to be removed and it should get healed. The cyst was sent to the lab to see if it was malignant. It was benign. Post the surgery I was on medication for a year for the endometriosis to not recur.
          When the recent reports showed Endometriotic cyst again, I was depressed, to go through the agony of pain, surgery and medication. I was prescribed male hormones, side-effects are devastating for a woman. So, I prayed over the tablet each day and consumed it. I was supposed to go for a laproscopic surgery after a month of medication. I asked my best friend, church, my mother and sister to pray for me. This time I was determined I will not run after healing ministers because of their special powers, but just going to trust in God not man, because healing comes from the Lord. This gift of healing that you have today can be taken away from you tomorrow. The glory should go to the eternal God. HIS word says "when two or three are gathered in my name there I am" (Matthew 18:20). I just asked ordinary people who have faith in Christ to pray for me. It's faith that heals. Jesus told the woman with the issue of blood, "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering."(Mark 5:34). I believed I was that woman and I was going to be healed if I only touch HIM. I held onto HIS word. And believers prayed for me in faith. My mother with deep conviction said to me I would not have to go for a surgery, but I will be healed miraculously. Then my church pastor prophesied during one of our weekly prayer meetings that I would not have to got for surgery, but will be healed miraculously. There was another couple in the church who prayed for me with deep faith. Many in the church prayed for me, I am thankful to all. I went for the sonogram after a month of my diagnosis. This time the radiologist was searching for the cyst and was surprised that she couldn't find it. She was smiling. She said, whatever treatment your Gynecologist has given has worked. I was thrilled and told her, its a miracle that many have prayed for. She smiled and wrote the report that the right ovary is normal. The previously diagnosed endometriotic cyst has regressed completely. 
            I came home with the report and danced for the Lord. I praised and thanked HIM for this amazing miracle. HE showed me a vision where I have conceived and a boy baby playing in my house. I was so glad and couldn't thank HIM enough. I testified this miracle to the church and my family. Their faith has increased many fold. And mine a million fold. I decided I will glorify HIS name to many whom I meet as the Psalmist say, "I will give you thanks in the great congregation: I will praise you among much people."(Psalm 35:18). So I'm writing it here, what better way to let the whole world know. This is my testimony.

           Many will ask which church you go to? Those who prayed for you, are they believers? So, in short, my mother belongs to an Orthodox Syrian Church. My best friend who prayed for me is a Protestant. The Church who prayed is a Believers church. And I'm a Catholic who's a believer in Christ and go to this Believers' Church now.
What I have learnt from this miracle is, no matter which church you belong to, ask one thing, do you believe in Christ who died for your sins, who came to heal you and make you whole in all aspects of life. That's all that matters. God does not show partiality and HE sets no condition. You believe in this wonderful Savior, the beloved Son of God, who paid a hefty price just for you and you're SAVED.

Ganglion disappeared

             I had a ganglion on my left wrist since 1996. I showed it to an orthopedic and he told me if it's not very painful, let it be as it is. But if it's unbearable, he can remove it through a small incision. Whenever I do strenuous work with left hand, the lump becomes big and used hurt a lot. Got prayed over couple of times for a healing, but to no effect. Finally after 15 years of suffering during an inner healing retreat, I surrendered few incidents that were a bondage in my life. I did not notice until last year, it did not hurt at all and the lump has gone.

Heel spur healed

              I used to have agonizing pain on both my feet. I used to writhe in pain the moment I put my feet on the ground in the mornings. Couldn't walk much and I was only in my late 20s. What was wrong with me.
              Tried all types of comfort shoes available in the market. I once told my sister who is in UK to send me nicely cushioned shoes which old ladies would buy. She sent me one pair. I looked like an old woman in those shoes, but I didn't care as far as it gave me comfort. I was no more wearing my favorite pumps and stilettos. Cushioned shoes that looked ugly were my companions. In spite of wearing these comfort shoes, I couldn't walk long. It was as if there was a nail tucked in my heel.
I used to tilt my feet and walk on the edges or sometimes on toes. When it became unbearable I visited an Orthopedic. He took an X-ray and showed me bone growth on both my heels, which is called heel spur. I thought now what is this. Because I was frequenting this doctor for so many aches, pains and injuries. I was fed up. I started complaining why Lord, why and when will all this end? Prayed & prayed everyday. Until, at some point I stopped taking notice of the pain. And I don't remember when it stopped hurting completely.
              Now I'm free of all heel pain. I can wear my favorite shoes, with any heel height and I do not suffer from any feet aches.

Lump disappeared

            There was a lump on my body for 18 years. It was painful and used to bulge out. It miraculously disappeared after a healing retreat.

Free from Bondages

            I believed in certain lies that were spoken to me as a child and I believed it to be true. When I learnt about it and surrendered those events to Christ which were buried deep in my subconscious mind, I became free.
            I was soul-tied to my father, my mother, few of my friends and, abusers who abused me as a child. I did not know about it until 2 years back, one of my close friends shared about ungodly soul-ties. I recognized the patterns that I've learnt over the years and have been breaking them. As I invite the Holy Spirit to show me the root to certain negative behaviors HE takes me to those forgotten events where the evil one sowed the seed, which has caused me to deviate from the truth. I have been breaking them and surrendering it to Christ. I feel much less burdened now. It's a journey, only if I'm aware and rooted in HIS word can I be totally free. But I've come a long way and all glory goes to the Lord.

Saved from death
            One holiday after visiting my family in a different state, I was traveling back home. I boarded the flight, somehow was feeling uneasy. The Holy Spirit prompted me to pray and was reading Psalm 91. The flight is on the runaway in full speed about to take off and it was abruptly stopped. Everyone felt the jolt. My heart was racing and panicking. The ground staff rushed to the plane, checked and gave a thumbs up, good to go. Holy Spirit kept putting a burden in my heart to pray not only for myself but for everyone in the flight. And I was led to the scripture where Abraham intercedes for Sodom and Gomorrah. I prayed as HE prompted. After 50 mins ordeal, the pilot decided not to fly and asked all the passengers to disembark. I was so thankful to God that HE led me to pray and we could be saved from a major disaster.

Heard HIM for the first time

            In my college days, I got introduced to watching porn through friends, it's all fun when you're in that age. One day I had invited my close friends from college home. We watched one adult movie on my desktop, which was placed closed to the altar, where we do our morning & evening prayers. After my friends left, I was studying on my computer and I heard a loud voice asking me, "why do you defile my holy ground?". I was so scared. Till then I lived a very wayward life. When I heard HIM for the first time, I was shaken, that instant I broke all the CDs and threw it in the bin. Then on my life has changed tremendously. Though there are ups & downs and I may falter, I'm so glad to hear HIS voice, that tells me when I turn left or right, this is the way, walk in it. (Isaiah 30:21)

HE promises to be my father

             I lost my father when I was just 10 years of age. I was very close to my dad that I grieved for him for 20 years. I used to gets dreams of him which used to feel so real. It was recently that I let go of him. As a child when I attended one of the famous Indian preachers down south, the preacher said, "there is a girl who grieves of losing her father, God says from today HE will be your father". I was glad, but I was still holding onto my late father. I was keeping his wrist watch as a remembrance of him and was pretty upset when my mother told me that she threw away his belongings. I digged into all the shelves and cupboards in my mothers' home to get anything that is of him and all I got was his wrist watch. Then I learnt that holding onto objects of deceased person, can keep you tied to them, which can be a channel for the evil one to control you. I threw the watch and severed the ungodly soul-tie and am free now of any grief. My father God has given me so much love and knows all my needs, my dreams, my desires and HE's been faithfully providing for me. I'm so thankful for that.

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