Friday, November 14, 2014

Make Your Marriage A Success by Myles Munroe

I absolutely loved this sermon and I wish I had heard this years ago.
The gist of the sermon is that, to have a healthy society you need to produce a healthy family and to have a healthy family you have to have a successful marriage.

Marriage is God's institution and the oldest institution in the entire Universe. Every Man and woman should prepare well, gain knowledge, understanding and wisdom before they get married. Not to satisfy your lusts or to fulfill all your needs from the other, but to create a healthy family and a healthy society.

Husbands should be in God's presence and his wife should meet him there. The success of the marriage lies mainly with the husband as long as he is in God's presence. Husband is responsible for the family's well-being; he is the source and sustainer of the family. That's why a man leaves his father and mother and cleaves with his wife. Beautiful mystery reiterated time again by God in the bible. Most men don't get God's message about Marriage. They either pick bible verses that suit them and omit the rest. Or try in their own strength to work it out, thinking this could be the key that will keep the couple together, and when it doesn't work they give up. Very few seek Godly counsel. Some of those who seek counsel, will reject the counsel, because they have to step out of their comfort zones. And few go to wrong people for counseling.
What a Disaster!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the husband and wife meets everytime in God's presence and assume HIS likeness. Then spread HIS glory in their home and around. It'll be heaven on earth. It's not a fairy tale or not doable. All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me, and if we are vigilant of Holy Spirit's counsel. Amen!

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